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Seattle Children's Hospital Pharmacy Refill Request

We only fill prescriptions for medicines prescribed by a Seattle Children’s provider. You can refill prescriptions through our mobile app, by phone, or online form. You can check on the status of your prescriptions by using the mobile app and automated phone system.
For Quicker Refills – Mobile App
  1. Download our RefillPro mobile app.
  2. Once downloaded, type in the phone number of the Seattle Children’s pharmacy you use to refill your prescriptions.
    • Seattle Ocean Pharmacy: 206-987-2138
    • Bellevue Pharmacy: 206-884-9120
  3. Follow the instructions. You will need to scan the barcode on the prescription bottle or enter your prescription number.
Contact the Pharmacy
Enter your prescription numbers by phone to request refills.
  • Seattle Ocean Pharmacy: 206-987-2138
  • Bellevue Pharmacy: 206-884-9120
Online Refills
Fill out the form below.
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If the prescription is out of refills please allow at least 72 hours.
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